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Hi all,
This is my second blog on Indian food.
The first blog which I wrote was in last year, around November. It was in Japanese.
I didn't create english version, so I will just summarise it for you.

It was a criticising type of blog targeting SOME of the Indian Restaurants in Japan.
A strong criticism on Indian restaurants for making the OnlyCurryNNan Image of Indian food.
A general response you will get when you ask someone in Japan about Indian food is that people just eat Nan and Curry everyday.  This is ridiculous. 

One more special feature of Nan in Japan is that,  a Nan as big as normal dining plate, no no, its actually bigger than the plate. A SUPER Nan (a habit to put SUPER before anything!!!). It was quite surprising to me as it would be for any fellow Indian. 

Then comes the Curry base (masala). They have the list of different curries (chicken curry, chicken tikka, ...etc) but the base masala used is same for all curries.

Due to this people are still unaware of the rich variety of Indian culinary delights.
So one of my goal, which had I set out for myself, is to search out for unique Indian restaurants which serve dishes other than Nan&Curry and introduce them to the Japanese foodies.

------ INTERVENTION -------

Just complaining about the Indian restaurants failing to educate the Japanese foodies about Indian food, won't improve the present. Updating them with the reality is the need of the hour. Someone has to take some kind of initiative or else the OnlyCurryNNan image won't change till years to come.

Generally I don't cook at home, so I am kind just a rookie. So whenever there is any food party at friend's home, I am in charge of cutting vegetables and cleaning (mostly the later one).

But that doesn't mean that I can't cook. Actually it all depends on the mood. So this Saturday, decided to make a chicken dish as simple as it could be and at the same time delicious too !!!.

Here's the recipe for the SimpleChicken dish. A textual recipe is so boring and takes quite time to write and read as well. So decided to post a #visualRecipe that can be a quick read.

Simple Ingredients:
Capsicum, Chicken 
Onion, Garlic

Clean the chicken properly.

I generally prefer to throw away the skin of chicken.
But some people don't mind eating it, 
so if you think it's wastage then you can use it as well.

We will add 3 basic spices only
Chilly powder, Turmeric, Salt

Add the above three spices and mix it properly with the chicken.

Once it gets mixed properly, the colour of the chicken changes to yellowish red.
This will give a typical masala taste to the chicken.
Just taste a bit to confirm the amount of salt and chilly powder.

I guess 2 onions will be sufficient.

Also 2 capsicums will be more than enough, 
or else it will lead to bitter taste.

Get one piece of garlic and remove its shell cover.

The things to be cut look like this.

This is a nice pic to indicate cutting!

Chop the onion into thin slices.
Here any shape cutting will do because at last, 
the onion gets converted into gravy.

Chop the capsicum into long think stick shapes.

Chopping the garlic is quite difficult step.
chop it into fine pieces.
First slice it horizontally, then vertically and then
slice it off on from the front side to back end.
This will result into small fine pieces of garlic.

Collect all the chopped stuff into one plate.

Since now, the preparations are finished,
Lets begin with the cooking part.

Before we start cooking, just put a small amount 
(approx half of the chopped garlic)
with chicken, so that we can get a small taste 
blended with chicken, while cooking.

Any available pan or cooking vessel will do.

There is hardly any oil required for cooking, 
because on heating the chicken will release some oil.
So just put 1-2 small drops of oil for lubrication, just to make sure that 
the chicken pieces doesn't get stick to pan.

Maintain a medium flame.

Put the mixture into the pan, and stir it 1-2 times.
Make sure that the chicken is half cooked.
It takes about a few minutes, when the colour of chicken 
changes from red to yellowish brown.

Note that we have put the chicken first and then the onions.
Normally onions are fried in oil and then the other ingredients(onions..) are added.
But what I wanted is to maintain the taste of onions and capsicum.
And tried to maintain its crispiness too.
Basically to avoid overcooking the onions and capsicums.

So once the chicken is half cooked, 
add the chopped onions and capsicums and the rest of the garlic into the mixture.

Mix it properly.

We can increase the flame at this point.

Cover the lid, so that the half cooked chicken gets cooked under the steam.

It will take about 15-20 minutes.
Adjust the heating time and heating flame till you get the desired thickening.

There are different ways in which you can serve this dish.
Take some freshly chopped cabbage, 
and arrange it as a base layer in a dish.

Put chicken on top of this cabbage layer.
Masala of chicken will drain off and will add special taste to cabbage.

You can add small finely chopped onion on the top of chicken.
This gives a delicious taste while eating chicken pieces.

And ya , the most boring thing to do after cooking is cleaning.

Cooking once in a while,
Was a fun after so long time,
To get the feeling, that you cannot simply die,
With always this recipe to make, without a cry.

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