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Sushiro in japan (スシロー)

Sushiro is a famous sushi restaurant chain in japan.
Today I went to nearby sushiro restaurant. When we entered the restaurant, there was a long queue. I quickly too the booking number and we waited in the queue.

They have this cool booking system connected to the net. They have their separate iphone and android app.
iPhone :
Android :

We can download this app pre-hand and quickly search the nearest store and get the booking number before we reach the place. This is quite convenient feature. Also don't worry if you didn't booked it from smartphone. You can take the booking number from the place itself and register that number in your phone's sushiro app. That would be helpful if you plan to do some nearby shopping until your number arrives. The app will give you notification when your number is about to be called. It will also calculate approx how much time will it take to have the seat.

Once your number gets called, then you are in, to eat plates and plates of sushis.
There's roller belt through which all the sushi orders are served in form of plates.
From the menu ordering system, you can check and order variety of dishes. There's limit of 5 dishes per order, so I will recommend to order 1st snacks quickly and then decide later the main dishes.

The sushi rolling belt brings your orders. Once the dish on the rolling belt reaches your place, the system gives notification that you order has arrived and you need to take off the dish from the rolling belt. If this is your first time to go to sushi restaurant, then you might end up taking other person's dish :P (which i did today !! really embarrassing)

There's a trend that the more you eat sushis the more you can stack plates one on top of the other. You can always check the number of stacks on other table so that you don't fall out of competition !!!
People come with families to this place. On an average one person can eat 10 dishes.
We ate 15 different dishes. I hope so different fishes don't start fighting inside my stomach. hahah

When you are finished with stuffing as much as you can, then you just call the person to record the number of dishes so that he can bill it. Pay the bill at the counter and go home happily with the great satisfaction.


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