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dataLongevity : whom to blame company or users

oh its 7:00 pm, the mood of leaving office.
Completed the daily reporting task quickly and off I go.
Cold winds blew along with small amount of drizzling.
Managed to board the train during the peak hour.
Everyday there is this same one thought continuously in my mind while returning home
"what to EAT today"

Its like I have set an iterator over my 4Square food list and the conbini's shelves.
So just started checking out one of my TODO list.
Wow, Mongolian Restaurant !!! lets try this one.
Being a non-shuden return to home, it's a quite good opportunity to explore Mongolian food.
The pics posted were so compelling that within no moment, done fixed!

With all enthusiasm filled, like going on an adventure trip, I finally reached the destination.
The place was not marked on Gmaps, so needed some effort to input the japanese address from 4Square to Gmap.
Found out the place, somewhere near pachinko, got to 3rd floor, 'Knock Knock'

It seems that the restrau is open,…