Thursday, February 27, 2014

dataLongevity : whom to blame company or users

oh its 7:00 pm, the mood of leaving office.
Completed the daily reporting task quickly and off I go.
Cold winds blew along with small amount of drizzling.
Managed to board the train during the peak hour.
Everyday there is this same one thought continuously in my mind while returning home
"what to EAT today"

Its like I have set an iterator over my 4Square food list and the conbini's shelves.
So just started checking out one of my TODO list.
Wow, Mongolian Restaurant !!! lets try this one.
Being a non-shuden return to home, it's a quite good opportunity to explore Mongolian food.
The pics posted were so compelling that within no moment, done fixed!

With all enthusiasm filled, like going on an adventure trip, I finally reached the destination.
The place was not marked on Gmaps, so needed some effort to input the japanese address from 4Square to Gmap.
Found out the place, somewhere near pachinko, got to 3rd floor, 'Knock Knock'

It seems that the restrau is open, but the door's locked.
5 minutes , peeping through the door glass , but no answer !!!
checking again if there was any mistake while locating the place
but everything seemed fine,
thought would give a call to see if someone can respond, but in vain.

'Bad luck maybe, hmm OK cheer up, lets see what i got next in the iterator list'
so just came down the building and while checking,
a lady just hurrily went to the same 3F restrau.

that was what i call girigiri good luck.
suddenly my diminished hope to eat the delicious Mongolian food from the 4Square pics, was pumped up.

but again , they didn't opened the door quickly, so had to call the restrau and request them to open up the door.
got inside, and while checking the menu

the first shock : NO FOOD in menu, majide !!!
they explained that they don't prepare mongolian food, !! that was the weird thing i had ever heard.
being a mongolian restrau and no mongolian food.
Now what to do, all my pumped up hopes got punctured in a moment.
remembered one of the crammed vocab apt for this moment "ephemeral happines"

leaving the restrau just like that seemed a bit odd to me, so just ordered one biru,
don't know why but it was the cheapest one on the list (1000 !)
and now i get to hear that they cannot give just one,
and something something tax will be charged,
and so it will cost some 3000 for the complete order.

3000!!! ,i just hoped i get emergency call from someone and i can have good excuse to leave.
but then i wanted to clear , why 4Square showed information which didn't matched with actual.
I know i had checked the last 60 days checkin to ensure that someone has visited it and the place is not closed.
so showed her the page where it was clearly written regarding food.

she was too shocked to see that something like this exists.
the information present on the page was quite old (approx 1 year old ) and they had already closed the restrau.
the restrau is now converted into a Mongolian pub

now i got things connected, specially 3000, which sounded a bit suspicious.

why do 4Square has so old data in there DBs!!
sometimes total dependence on internet data is really too risky.
i think partly its the responsibility of users to update the social information as when found inappropriate.
its like setting up is easy but maintenance is quite tough,
companies cant be blamed for this kind of old data, since they are just storing the data which users uploaded.
the only thing they can do is interact with users to update the data.

so finally after getting things clear, while returning home, just updated that the 4Square place is closed,
hoping that the request gets approved and the page gets closed.

one thing remained till the end !!! FOOD !!!
i got my 1 hour wasted in search for Mongolian food but i think was quite a good lesson to learn.
so on my way back, went to my standard backup restrau.

lets see what comes next as a good experience.

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