Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Golden Week in Japan

Golden week,
Normally I go back to India during this time,
but due to some unexplainable circumstances, i didnt go.

I dont know why its called a week even though we dont get a week holiday,
maybe some kind of similar unexplainable reason behind it,

so the long vacation (4 days) started on saturday with an aim of exercise.
we went to nokogiri yama which is about 60km from yokohama.

Climbing was a tough job, so took rest on Sunday, I was literally sleeping the entire day.
On Monday we had a food fest event. FREE FOOD !!!! :P
Stuffed in so much and then to compensate it, decided to walk 14km back home.
It took about 3 hours, with a small tea break at one of my collegue's house.
Other friends played futsal, but i was not that interested,
so just made a video of it, to increase my youtube channel hits lol!!!

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