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Today I went to the Maker Faire Tokyo 2017.
It was an awesome event. Many robots and innovative ideas.
One day is just not enough to see all the exhibits.

This event was held on Saturday/Sunday 5th and 6th August 2017 respectively.

It attracted quite a lot of people.
The exhibits varied from school robotics projects to professional big industry products.
The event audience also varied correspondingly. Small kids could play with robots and maneuver them in the grid. People could also try VR and experience the mind blowing simulations and games.

Here is a quick conclusion of my day

Things I learned
- The trend to have a personal robot assistant with you all the time is increasing. People need small cute robots to talk with them, interface with them.
- Daily activity robots are gaining popularity like the cleaning robot.
- DeepLearning/AI combined with robotics is gaining an edge over traditional robotics methodology. Robotic arm with build in camera on its tip is s…
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Snow Wall of Nagano

Day 1 of 7 
Time Log: - D1 21st Sunday 05:14 Minatocho -> 05:17 Keikyu Kawasaki  05:34 JR Kawasaki -> Tokyo (05:52) 06:16 Tokyo -> Nagano (07:38) Kagayaki 1501 20:35 Toyama -> Kanazawa 20:55
1) Kawasaki -> Nagano

We started off with the first train from Minatocho Line (place where I live). Getting around Nagano-station was not that difficult. My family (3 members) had a JR rail pass of 7 days. Before using the rail pass, we just need to get it checked from the station master. Every time you pass the JR station, you need to show the pass to the station master and then checkin / checkout.  I didn't had the 90days short visa, so I had to buy tickets.
We reached Nagano around 07:38 AM. I had thought I will buy the Option ticket ( from Nagano station, but the Midori Madonokuchi (ticket office of JR) opens at 10:00 and I arrived at Nagano before that. I should have bought the ticket beforehand from Tokyo.
2) Nagano -> Ogizawa Instead of wasting time waitin…



Sushiro in japan (スシロー)

Sushiro is a famous sushi restaurant chain in japan.
Today I went to nearby sushiro restaurant. When we entered the restaurant, there was a long queue. I quickly too the booking number and we waited in the queue.

They have this cool booking system connected to the net. They have their separate iphone and android app.
iPhone :
Android :

We can download this app pre-hand and quickly search the nearest store and get the booking number before we reach the place. This is quite convenient feature. Also don't worry if you didn't booked it from smartphone. You can take the booking number from the place itself and register that number in your phone's sushiro app. That would be helpful if you plan to do some nearby shopping until your number arrives. The app will give you notification when your number is about to be called. It will also ca…

Anything as a Service

I remember that in old days, we had to rely on lot of things. But as technology progressed, things started appearing as services. What I mean to say is the things which were quite difficult to get can now be just obtained as a service. IAAS, PAAS, SAAS are all quite good examples.

One more variant to this is offering the available resources as service. Resources which are not used all the time, can be put to other use.

1) Find a House
airbnb is a site on which you can put your extra room resource as a service. In this way, the extra room gets used 100%, I will say its a very efficient way of using existing resources.

2) Find a Guide/Translator
Based on the same concept as airbnb, we can invest out free time on weekends as a guide to help tourists visit local places. The locals of that city register themselves as guides depending on their schedule. Tourists just need to book a guide on website for particular day/s.

3) Find a Delivery Boy to get food.
Foodie people will find this conce…

MLM and Social Networks

Good Morning, all readers !!!
And a nice Hello to everyone

Having plenty of free time, so just thought of blogging something.
Here's one of the storiesnexperience post about MLM and Social Networks.

I was in Japan when I got introduced to this HealthCare company. People said that they got reach in no time after joining this company.
I attended one of their brain washing sessions. The concept was simple,    “Introduce someone and you get benefits.        And on every purchase made by him get more benefits in terms of percentage of the purchase” Mathematically, it’s unstable model, so you need to control the limits of earnings, or the maximum  number of purchasers connected under you in the graph. They rely on mouth to mouth advertising for expansion of this graph. The more it expands, the more profit will the people on the top of the graph get. The graph is filled with lot of hopes of big digit dreams. Many people back out after some struggling. There are ways to go to the top, some of w…