Sunday, August 6, 2017



Today I went to the Maker Faire Tokyo 2017.
It was an awesome event. Many robots and innovative ideas.
One day is just not enough to see all the exhibits.

This event was held on Saturday/Sunday 5th and 6th August 2017 respectively.

It attracted quite a lot of people.
The exhibits varied from school robotics projects to professional big industry products.
The event audience also varied correspondingly. Small kids could play with robots and maneuver them in the grid. People could also try VR and experience the mind blowing simulations and games.

Here is a quick conclusion of my day

Things I learned
- The trend to have a personal robot assistant with you all the time is increasing. People need small cute robots to talk with them, interface with them.
- Daily activity robots are gaining popularity like the cleaning robot.
- DeepLearning/AI combined with robotics is gaining an edge over traditional robotics methodology. Robotic arm with build in camera on its tip is simple to estimate the world.
- Image processing has proven to be an efficient substitute for hardware devices like distance measurement, angle measurement, position coordinates.
- Smart IoT homes are becoming popular with IoT devices connected to the internet, there is so much potential for data collection. Cheaper data collection methods are available now as compared to surveys or access logs.

- With the digital age, the analog devices become obsolete, but there was a team which showed how analog devices can be still used in making interesting games or small devices. These guys used the tape recorder magnets to generate sound, the CRT TV as the drums collecting the noise and producing sound.
- One team even showed the application of high voltage sparks in creating music or beautiful arts.

By checking these things, I am quite motivated to join the next year's faire and have an exhibit.

I have shared some pics on my Instagram  or MyPage : roboganism
Please check if you are interested.


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