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MLM and Social Networks

Good Morning, all readers !!!
And a nice Hello to everyone

Having plenty of free time, so just thought of blogging something.
Here's one of the storiesnexperience post about MLM and Social Networks.

I was in Japan when I got introduced to this HealthCare company. People said that they got reach in no time after joining this company.
I attended one of their brain washing sessions. The concept was simple,    “Introduce someone and you get benefits.        And on every purchase made by him get more benefits in terms of percentage of the purchase” Mathematically, it’s unstable model, so you need to control the limits of earnings, or the maximum  number of purchasers connected under you in the graph. They rely on mouth to mouth advertising for expansion of this graph. The more it expands, the more profit will the people on the top of the graph get. The graph is filled with lot of hopes of big digit dreams. Many people back out after some struggling. There are ways to go to the top, some of w…