Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Anything as a Service

I remember that in old days, we had to rely on lot of things. But as technology progressed, things started appearing as services. What I mean to say is the things which were quite difficult to get can now be just obtained as a service. IAAS, PAAS, SAAS are all quite good examples.

One more variant to this is offering the available resources as service. Resources which are not used all the time, can be put to other use.

1) Find a House
airbnb is a site on which you can put your extra room resource as a service. In this way, the extra room gets used 100%, I will say its a very efficient way of using existing resources.

2) Find a Guide/Translator
Based on the same concept as airbnb, we can invest out free time on weekends as a guide to help tourists visit local places. The locals of that city register themselves as guides depending on their schedule. Tourists just need to book a guide on website for particular day/s.

3) Find a Delivery Boy to get food.
Foodie people will find this concept quite interesting.
Say your brother wants to eat Pizza, your sister wants to eat Sushi, and your mom likes Paneer Palak.
You need to call 3 different restaurants. Instead of this you will just call some service and tell them to get these 3 dishes from corresponding restaurants. That service will arrange someone and deliver the dishes right to your home.

4) Find a Salesman
In some countries, salesman go door by door to advertise and sell their products. I think it is just a waste of the time resource. Instead we can have a salesman service, in which you just inform them that you are planning to buy say Vacuum cleaner. That particular service will send you the corresponding salesman. In this way you can do home shopping.

5) Find Local Cuisine
This is another good service for foodies (especially tourists). People want to try local cuisine whenever they visit any place. So local people can arrange food events for which people can freely register and taste the local cuisine.

6) Find a Taxi/Pickup
Services like OlaCabs, Uber taxi, etc. have created additional service layer between the end customers and taxi providers. There are also services in which you can offer the extra empty seats in your car while going to office or returning back to home.

Any resource which you find free can be put to use by offering it as a service !!!

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