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Simple Dishes in times of emergency !!!

2014.08.01 08:00 ~

Friday Night, Crowded trains, Salary Week.
A perfect timing for having parties during this week. Profitable for the organizer as well as enjoyable for the attendees too!!!

Normally the parties which i prefer to go are food event kind of parties, instead of just drinking parties.
And specially if the food event involves cooking and then eating.

So this Friday, there was a food event was hosted by Minami-san. The first food event which I attended was making Takoyakis, a dish favorite to me to the extent that i brought the TakoyakiKi, machine to make takoyakis at home. During my initial years in Japan, (not that long, but 3 years back), I used to go to Gintako every weekend. I even cleared the Normal Card, and now hold the Silver Point Card.

Oh , lets not divert from the main topic, I will write another blog on takoyakis !!!

So the theme for this event was how to prepare basic food in case of emergency situations like the earthquake, tsunami, black-out etc.
The raw items which were present were onions, radish, potatoes, ramen pack, and so on.

I suppose everyone was expected to bring at least something , but i had not read the event page in detail, so i thought i would compensate it by helping out others more :P
As a part of emergency simulation, all the lights were turned off (we had to use battery operated torch lights)
and we have to avoid using the gas to cook, (gas cylinders, small ones, were limited, i guess only 1/2).

So the challenging part was to cook with limited light and t avoid using gas stove..
The following are the photos of the process !!!

1) Nabe Curry.
Photo Photo
Photo Photo

2) Udon Salad, Cabbage Salad, Tofu Salad with Natto Topping, Daikon Salad
Photo Photo
Photo Photo

3) The final phase
Photo Photo
Photo Photo

In the end, I was surprised that we were able to create so tasty dishes even with limited amount of materials.
Such kind of dynamically thought recipes leads to new recipes.


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